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eSignal Review


eSignal Review

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When it comes to chart analysis, eSignal is one of the best standing with some great names in the market. This is a comprehensive tool and it is best used by people who are interested in investing their money in futures. The software allows you to integrate a lot of stuff on it and take help from the various market analysis tools and indicators. The most interesting thing about this software is that it is free of any brokers. You don’t have to be signed up with a broker in order to use this particular platform. You just pay for the software and then stick to any broker you want. The pricing is also unique for the software since you don’t pay anything on your trades.

Market Analysis

The software gives you detailed analysis of the market with its charts and allows you to trade with conditions as well. What it means is that the software has automatic trading features. You don’t always have to keep the market monitoring system in front of you in order to trade. You can trade on conditions. For example, you could have your software place a trade for you when certain conditions in the market are met. The software is connected to various reliable sources around the world to provide you live news on the happenings that could affect the performance of the stock market. The quotes display of the software is extremely informative with ask and bid price also showing on them for your convenience.

Hot List

The hot list feature on the software is pretty unique that gives you the analysis of top 100 movers in the market. Another great thing about the tool is that it allows you to write your own strategies. You can always take help from various developer modules in order to know how to write these strategies. Once you have written the strategies you can leave the software to trade automatically when the conditions are as defined by you. Seminars and webinars are also available through the platform for you to learn trading, software and various other strategies that could help you down the road.

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