Novel Algotech Review – Automate all Your Trades

Novel Algotech There was a time when algorithmic trading was only an option for institutional traders because they had the funds to afford these programs and software. It was not only expensive, but also limited in number. But, over the years and with further advancement, algorithmic trading has gotten better and more accessible. These days, […]

eToro – A Leading Social Investment Network for Forex and Cryptocurrency

eToro Review Start trading now, visit recommended website! In the world of cryptocurrency trading, eToro is recognized as a key player, but that’s not all it is. For over a decade, eToro has headed the fintech revolution and has gradually built up its reputation to become the world’s leading social investment network that also offers […]

A Few Kickass Forex Trading Tricks

To avoid frustration when trading, be equipped with forex tricks which are proven to be effective in trading. Here are some of them. Simplicity Start trading now, visit recommended website! Simplicity is money should be your motto. This means that you should use simple strategy when trading to avoid confusion. This is especially when you […]