Financial Markets Getting Ready For a Looming Crisis?

Start trading now, visit recommended broker website! US equity markets moved sideways for most of the year, and have now taken a sharp turn south, says famed New York University economist Nouriel Roubini. NEW YORK: Financial markets have finally awoken to the fact that Donald Trump is US president. Given that the world has endured two […]

FTSE Betting – How to Bet on the FTSE 100

FTSE Betting Guide Indeed ftse betting is increasing in popularity partly due to the diverse products now being offered by the spread betting companies, but also by new markets which are now developing such as in binary betting with binary bets, or in the more established fixed odds with companies such as bet on markets. […]

Novel Algotech Review – Automate all Your Trades

Novel Algotech There was a time when algorithmic trading was only an option for institutional traders because they had the funds to afford these programs and software. It was not only expensive, but also limited in number. But, over the years and with further advancement, algorithmic trading has gotten better and more accessible. These days, […]

JPMorgan Says That Trump’s Overconfidence Is a Problem

JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategists are starting to make forecast and strategy changes around the potential that President Donald Trump gets so overconfident in the robust economy and markets that he makes a “major miscalculation. “The worry is that “U.S. economic and equity market resilience despite tariffs will embolden the President on all geopolitical fronts […]