72Option Review: Is 72Option.com a Scam? Stay Away From Binary Options!

72option Binary Options Scam

All About 72Option.com

72Option.com is a Binary Options Trader Broker who gives Investors access to underlying trade assets on a Binary Trading Platform. It states on the website that it provides traders with the information that they need to make great decisions, as well as the access to conveniently trade options on their platform. Read on to learn all you need to know about 72Option.com.

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Upon entering the site, you will find that it is 100% web based. This means no software download – all you need is a connection to an Internet service to log in and make your trades. 72Option is one of many binary brokers that are doing quite well in the binary options market although the market is mostly made up of scams – but is 72Option not also a scam? A good deal of thier success is due to their promotions and bonuses which attract new customers but the fact is that may of these customers have complained that they were scammed by 72Option. On the other hand 72Option still is always getting new customers, this may be because of the high payouts offered through the site. It could also be because thier website states that 72Option’s platform has “won awards for design, technical excellence, and usability” which may in fact be just a lie. The site is also so easy to use and navigate and it has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to fool customers into thinking it is legit.

Types of Trading

You have many options when it comes to binary trade, and 72Options.com realizes this. Several types of trade are offered on the site including Pairs, Binary, 60 seconds, Long Term, FX/CFD, Ladder, High/ Low, and Turbo. This allows traders to use the techniques that they want to.

You should note that 72Option.com and Forex (another trading platform) go hand in hand. 72Option.com states on their website that it has experts experienced in trading Derivate’s, Stock, while Forex offers risk management payment processing and eCommerce.

Cancellation, Withdrawal, and Deposit Information

According to their website “72Option has withdrawal and deposit options similar to other brokers. Their terms and conditions show all your withdrawals, portfolio history, and deposits can be viewed. The account can be opened in GBP, EUR, and USD Currency and can’t be changed after registration. ID is required for verification on first deposit/ withdrawal. Payment methods for depositing funds, Bank Wire, Credit/Debit Card, (Visa, Maestro, Delta, and MasterCard) minimum on Bank Transfer Deposit is $ 500.00, Credit/Debit $250.00. Cancellations or Withdrawals can be made anytime. Additionally, a withdrawal already in progress can be canceled on request. 72Option is secure, so you can trust that they are acting honestly when handling your money.”

If you do a quick search on Google you will find out that many past traders with this broker in fact state that all of this is not true, that getting is withdrawal is impossible and that once you make a deposit you will never see your hard earned cash ever again with this binary options broker.

Bonuses and Promotion Programs

72Option.com offers bonuses and promotions; promotion programs have one time credits for trading and bonuses. Read conditions of these before deciding to accept promotion or bonuses. The maximum payout is 720% (where it got its name from).

Trading on the Site

According to 72Option “The Professionals that made the trading platform are very experienced and Spot Option is a very popular trading platform where you have four types of trading“:

  • Classic
  • Single
  • List
  • Grid

Is 72Option A Scam?

72Option is an unregulated binary options broker. It is known as one of the riskiest types of online investment and many if not all of these online binary options brokerages turn out to be scams. Although the site seems to have a well-developed platform and states on the website that it offers 24/7 customer service, and allows contact with strategy advisors to help you make the best decisions for your portfolio among many other promises, bonuses and promotions, a simple Google search will show you that this broker has apparently defrauded tens if not hundreds of clients from around the world.

Our conclusion is that you should stay away from this broker and from binary options in general!

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